Noise Mapping

Noise mapping is an integral part of the process of developing an environmental or mitigation noise strategy, ensuring that current and future noise levels are in compliance with existing UK and EU legislative standards.

Based on advanced noise mapping software and our experience in developing noise propagation models, we offer an integrated service, combining the impact of all ambient noise sources: road, rail, industry and aircraft movements. The results will allow an analysis of the individual and combined effects of all these sources, for daytime, evening and night-time periods.

Our package of results includes not only the completed and validated noise maps, but also the measured noise emission data. Much of this can be supplied in a format for easy manipulation, so that local changes and new planning scenarios can be generated. The results can then be exported ready for modelling both their noise and air quality impacts. For example this could be used for an assessment of the noise impacts of any proposed Air Quality Action Plan.

The most demanding and costly task in noise mapping is obtaining and processing the required input data. We have the epertise and knowledge to recreate DGMs from LIDAR data and create data map inputs from GIS maps. We will seek to use data that has already been purchased or developed for noise mapping work, which will ensure consistency with these studies and reduce costs. We are also working with third party suppliers of geographical and primary activity data sets to ensure the availability of high-quality information in the appropriate format.

We offer SoundPlan computing service and can assist with Predictor- Lima and CadnaA computing service.


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