Monitoring and Reduction of Construction Noise and Vibration

With large infrastructure projects being constructed in densely populated areas, the need for control of construction noise and vibration has become increasingly important. However, there is a practical limit to the level of control that can be implemented on most projects. Acousti-CAL is able to provide advice on likely noise and vibration levels to be generated and methods of reducing these levels to comply with limits set by authorities and to meet community expectations. The firm can also provide noise and vibration monitoring services for construction projects, both attended or unattended monitoring. Acousti-CAL is equally familiar with surface construction sites and underground tunnelling methods.

We use analytical and empirical methods to predict the impact of construction noise and vibration on sensitive facilities and land uses. When necessary, we also recommend methods to mitigate vibration and noise during construction. Once construction is underway we can provide real-time monitoring systems to measure noise and vibration and to send alarms when pre-set limits are exceeded. As part of our services, we prepare construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring Plans and construction Noise and Vibration Control Plans.


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