HVAC Noise

HVAC Noise and Vibration Control

Acousti-Cal of Malta provides HVAC noise and vibration engineering and acoustical consulting services to provide practical solutions to HVAC and mechanical system noise and vibration problems. Known and creative solutions are used to suppress noise and vibration in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Commercial and institutional buildings, office buildings, high rise apartments, condominiums, nursing homes, retirement villages, hospitals, hotels, restaurants along with many other facilities have cooling and heating equipment that can cause disruptive and unpleasant noise and vibration problems for the occupants.

Existing noise and vibration sources and paths are qualitatively identified. The strength of each source and their transmission paths are isolated and quantified. Engineering controls are used to successfully & effectively reduce noise and vibration to acceptable levels at receiver locations to satisfy the needs of all occupants.

The most cost effective control work is done during the design stage. Working in conjunction with architects and mechanical contractors, HVAC systems are properly engineered to avoid problems and achieve acceptable noise levels.