Expert Witness Cases

An expert witness is one whose qualifications allow him to present testimony based on his opinions, rather than just facts. Acoustical Consulting has over 15 years experience and is routinely accepted as an expert witness in noise cases. He has extensive experience in Federal, State and Civil Courts as well as administrative bodies such as BSA and DEP.

Courtroom Sound Demonstrations

One very effective strategy in noise cases to demonstrate in court just exactly what the complaining party hears. We can record the sound at the listener’s location (just above their pillow, at 1 AM, for instance) and simultaneously measure its level and frequency response. This information allows us to accurately recreate the sound in court with a portable sound system. We pioneered this system years ago and have more experience in sound recording than any other consultant in Malta.


We can make computer charts to prove that annoying noises are serious problems. A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words.

Computer Noise Log

We also have special equipment for logging longer-term or intermittent noise. This includes a custom-built tamper-proof test rig that can be left in a client’s space to make calibrated recordings of noise for future analysis or court playback. In a recent case we played back the noise coming from a recording studio for the judge, forcing the studio to fix the problem.